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Predictive forecasting and effective automation for SWICA

From reactive to proactive events & manual to automated


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Health Care / Insurance

System landscape

PRTG, Jira


Fully automated predictions, noise reduction, predictive root cause analysis


Reactively good IT setup

In terms of monitoring the IT infrastructure, SWICA is already well positioned. The monitoring system (PRTG) monitors the system landscape in real time and events are reported and processed via the ITSM system. Specialists are responsible for maintaining and monitoring the systems.

The challenges

There is a lack of a proactive view of the systems and their interrelationships. Error analysis and correction are performed reactively (e.g., after previously manually defined limits have been exceeded), which means that tasks cannot be planned in advance and experts must be deployed to monitor the systems, analyze errors, and correct them.

“With CuriX, we expect to significantly reduce the costs for ITSM in the future by increasing efficiency – thanks to a significant gain in stability for our infrastructure.«

– Verena Muth, Head of Infrastructure Services SWICA

How we support SWICA

CuriX takes over the data analysis part AI-based and fully automated. CuriX reports critical developments or limit overruns at an early stage and locates them.
Reduction of complexity
What normally had to be determined by experienced system technicians, often manually and with some effort, CuriX shows automatically. Causes and correlations can thus be determined more quickly and problems rectified.
Alarm reduction
The built-in 5-stage Alert Noise Reduction reduces neutral events on the one hand, while at the same time logically related, critical events are fully automatically combined into a Resilience Issue. This leads to an enormous reduction of the alarm flood and shortens the troubleshooting time.
Intelligent predictions
Possible effects on performance – which usually occur regularly when changes or manipulations are made to the system – are detected early on thanks to AI-generated correlations and corrected before they become problems.

“What IT organization doesn’t want a tool to take preventative action far in advance?
I’m looking forward to using CuriX with us, to being able to bring in future features, and to “challenging” each other along the way.”

– Verena Muth, Head of Infrastructure Services SWICA

Jira x CuriX

Intelligent interface for automated ticket creation to reduce intervention time and costs

A great relief in everyday work: when relevant issues land directly where they need to be processed anyway. To further reduce the workload, critical problems that CuriX detects automatically become tickets directly in Jira. This saves processing time and significantly accelerates the time it takes to solve the problem.

Shared milestones


The collaboration with SWICA is a “win-win” in every respect. SWICA receives an early warning tool that makes its systems more resilient and better performing – and does so predictively and automatically.
CuriX gets the opportunity to gain experience in a data-intensive and -sensitive industry and to learn together from and with each other.
Further use cases and system connections are already being planned.

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With around 1.5 million insured persons and 28,000 corporate customers, SWICA Health Organization is one of Switzerland’s leading health and accident insurers with a premium volume of CHF 5.1 billion. The product range is aimed at private customers as well as companies and offers comprehensive insurance cover for medical expenses and loss of earnings in the event of illness and accident. SWICA is headquartered in Winterthur and operates throughout Switzerland.