Predictive Alerting


Change the switch from reactive to proactive: thanks to intelligent predictions that tell you exactly what will have a negative impact on your IT landscape in the future. Whether it’s outages, overloads or other problems, CuriX gives you the information you need to relax and keep things running smoothly.


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Highest performance of your systems

With us, your systems run at full power and don’t get weak at heart when it comes to more complex challenges. Thanks to predictive alerting, you know exactly when a resource threatens to overload and can thus reallocate it at an early stage.

Sit back and relax and act proactively

Server failures? System problems? No more need for a cold sweat. We predict everything in time (before something critically affects your system) so you or your IT team can act.

Reduced to what is really important


We know: even more alarms do not provide benefit, but only chaos and overwhelm. That’s why we use intelligent Event Noise Reduction, so you can stay on top of things at all times and efficiently handle the tasks at hand.

With predictive alerting, we ensure prevention instead of reaction

Faults and failures are a thing of the past

Predictive alerting describes a model-based procedure for detecting failures in IT environments at an early stage. In this way, countermeasures can be initiated preventively and failures and disruptions in the system landscape can be prevented.

The approach is based on system-wide anomaly detection: we learn about the normal operation of your system based on relevant KPIs and know exactly when and where deviations occur.

Based on these analyses, early warnings are issued before failures or malfunctions actually occur. This not only ensures the availability of the system, but also saves the nerves and capacities of the IT administrators or uses them wisely.

Use next-gen IT monitoring to your advantage

Even experienced IT administrators can quickly lose track of complex landscapes consisting of on-premise, cloud or hybrid subsystems. Keep your IT systems under control with the help of our AI-based failure and malfunction prevention. We show you how.


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