Outage prevention


Make yourself independent of unpredictability: Thanks to CuriX, our advanced AIOps software, you get clear visibility into the reliability of your IT landscape. We focus on resilience – to detect and prevent failures in advance, whether due to hardware problems, software errors or cyber attacks. CuriX makes previously invisible risks visible.


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Safety through prevention

With CuriX you can play it safe. Our software helps you to identify possible sources of error and risks at an early stage, before they become serious problems. With predictive error detection, you can be proactive and ensure that your system is always stable and reliable.

Saves time and money

System downtime is not only annoying, but can also be costly. With CuriX, you avoid costly downtime and gain valuable time that you can invest in other areas of your business. By identifying and fixing problems early, you stay competitive and can look to the future with peace of mind.

Optimal round-the-clock monitoring

With CuriX, you always have a complete overview of your IT landscape, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our AIOps software continuously monitors all systems and sends you timely warnings if something is wrong. So you can be sure that your system works perfectly even outside business hours.

30 – 60%

of system failures can be prevented with predictive analytics

bis 5.590 USD

costs one failure per server per minute

Fail-safe through AI-supported proactivity

With CuriX, system failures are no longer surprises, but avoidable events.


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✓ Preventive measures
CuriX understands the normal operation of your system and is able to detect unexpected changes and potential risks at an early stage. With accurate predictions, you can be proactive and avoid system failures before they happen.


✓ Efficient warning messages
CuriX ensures that you only receive alerts when they are really relevant. Our software reduces unnecessary messages and focuses on the events that really need your attention. So you can be sure that every alert is important.


✓ Automation for better performance
Monitoring and adjusting system parameters can be laborious and error-prone. CuriX automates these processes, saving you valuable time while increasing the efficiency and reliability of your system.


»What IT organization wouldn’t want a tool to be able to act preventively far in advance?
I am looking forward to using CuriX with us, to being able to introduce future features and to “challenging” each other on the way together.«

– Verena Muth, Head of Infrastructure Services SWICA

Use next-gen IT monitoring to your advantage

Even experienced IT administrators can quickly lose track of complex landscapes consisting of on-premise, cloud or hybrid subsystems. Keep your IT systems under control with the help of our AI-based failure and malfunction prevention. We show you how.


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