Breaking monitoring silos


You know the dilemma of isolated IT systems? With CuriX, this is a thing of the past. Our focus is on freeing your IT systems from their silo existence and connecting them into a harmonious, integrated whole. With our software solution, you create an environment in which all IT components can communicate and work together instead of acting in isolation from each other.


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A holistic view

With CuriX, you gain an overview of your entire IT landscape. Our platform lets you overcome the boundaries between different systems and teams. Whether between your business and IT or between different departments – CuriX brings transparency and enables you to work more efficiently.

Gain insights

With the ability to With CuriX, you unify the data streams from the various silos in your IT landscape. Our AI-powered software connects and analyzes this data to provide you with deep insights and valuable intelligence. So you can understand how events in one area affect others, and take proactive action before issues escalate and impact your business. With CuriX, you go from being a data juggler to a data-driven decision maker.

Control and safety

CuriX puts you back in control. With visibility and the ability to be proactive, you can ensure your IT is running smoothly and supporting your business goals. You no longer have to constantly search for solutions, but can rely on your IT being in top shape.

The solution to your IT maze

CuriX tackles the problem of silo thinking in companies head on, both in terms of the departments responsible and the tools used.


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✓ Organizational understanding
CuriX promotes understanding of the entire IT landscape in your organization. In many organizations, there is a lack of communication and understanding between the business and IT departments – CuriX addresses this gap. Instead of working in isolated silos, we enable a holistic view and collaboration. Your business will move from reactive to proactive mode.


✓ Complex Analysis
Our software understands the multitude of events and alarms that can occur in different silos and tools, and finds the events that actually have an impact on your business. CuriX identifies cause-and-effect relationships and makes them transparent, so finding root causes is no longer a mystery. We connect data from different tools and silos to enable comprehensive analytics.


✓ Heterogeneous infrastructures
CuriX can also be used with heterogeneous infrastructures, even if parts of your IT infrastructure are outsourced to cloud providers. CuriX helps you maintain an overview and efficiently manage even complex infrastructures.


“What IT operation wouldn’t want a tool to take preventative action far in advance?
I’m looking forward to using CuriX with us, to being able to bring in future features, and to “challenging” each other along the way.”

– Verena Muth, Head of Infrastructure Services SWICA

Use Next-Gen IT Monitoring to your advantage

Even experienced IT administrators can quickly lose sight of the big picture in complex landscapes of on-premise, cloud or hybrid subsystems. Keep your IT systems under control with the help of our AI-based failure and malfunction prevention. We show you how.


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