Limit Violation Prediction


From exceeded limits to timely intervention: CuriX enables precise predictions of limit violations, giving you deeper insight into potential trouble spots in your IT landscape. Whether it’s critical resource shortages, out-of-control processes, or impending performance degradation, CuriX lets you always anticipate. With our boundary violation prediction feature, you’ll be able to move from lagging behind to steering ahead.


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Avoid system outages

With Limit Violation Prediction you always keep control over your IT system. Our software predicts when and where the critical limits of your IT systems could be exceeded. This allows you to intervene at an early stage, prevent system failures and ensure the reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Optimize your system performance

With the ability to predict limit violations, Limit Violation Prediction enables continuous optimization of your system performance. By detecting potential limit violations early, you have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments and get the most out of your IT infrastructure.

Increase efficiency

With Limit Violation Prediction, you can use resources more efficiently and reduce unnecessary effort. Instead of reacting to problems after they occur, our solution enables you to anticipate, detect and manage potential limit violations in advance. This saves you time, money and resources while improving the performance of your IT systems.

30 – 60%

of system failures can be prevented with predictive analytics

bis 5.590 USD

costs one failure per server per minute

Proactive system management with Limit Violation Prediction

CuriX’s Limit Violation Prediction keeps your system stable and operational with accurate predictions and proactive adjustments.


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✓ Anticipation of potential systemic risks
With CuriX, you’re always one step ahead. Our intelligent platform uses advanced AI algorithms to learn the state of your system, predicting potential boundary violations. You can take proactive action before problems arise instead of having to react to system failures.


✓ Minimization of false alarms
Our system can not only predict potential boundary violations, but also decide which ones are actually relevant. This reduces the number of false alarms and allows you to focus on the really important issues.


✓ Optimization of operating processes
Continuously monitoring and adjusting system boundaries can be a tedious and time-consuming task. CuriX automates this process, freeing up valuable resources that you can use for other important tasks. With us on your side, you can make your operations more efficient and improve your IT performance.


»What IT organization wouldn’t want a tool to be able to act preventively far in advance?
I am looking forward to using CuriX with us, to being able to introduce future features and to “challenging” each other on the way together.«

– Verena Muth, Head of Infrastructure Services SWICA

Use next-gen IT monitoring to your advantage

Even experienced IT administrators can quickly lose track of complex landscapes consisting of on-premise, cloud or hybrid subsystems. Keep your IT systems under control with the help of our AI-based failure and malfunction prevention. We show you how.


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