Anomaly detection


Turn uncertainty into certainty with advanced anomaly detection that shows you exactly where and when irregularities occur in your IT landscape. Whether it’s unforeseen patterns, deviations, or atypical behaviors, our AIOps software turns these previously invisible data points into valuable insights. Thanks to intelligent anomaly detection, you stay one step ahead and can act with composure early on instead of reacting.


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A glimpse into the future

With our anomaly detection, you’ll always be one step ahead. You get early warnings when patterns and behaviors change, so you can be proactive and prevent potential problems. Unpredictable disruptions and downtime are a thing of the past.

Efficient use of your resources

Anomaly detection helps you to use resources in the most efficient way. By detecting atypical behavior or patterns, you can identify bottlenecks and overloads early on and take targeted action. This way, you can ensure that your systems always run at maximum efficiency.

Strenghtening the security of your systems

With our anomaly detection, you can significantly improve the security of your IT infrastructure. Irregularities and deviations can often indicate security risks. By detecting such anomalies early, you can identify and prevent potential threats before they become a serious problem.

Anomaly detection simply explained

Anomaly detection is a process that detects unusual patterns or behaviors in data that deviate from the norm. These anomalies can indicate various problems, such as a technical error, a security breach, or an operational malfunction.

The process relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence. First, anomaly detection builds a model of “normal” behavior based on historical data. This can be a simple statistical model or a more complex machine learning model. Once the model is created, it is applied to new data. If the new data deviates greatly from the model, this is detected as an anomaly.

An example: Anomaly detection in monitoring

An example of the application of anomaly detection would be an IT network monitoring system.

Suppose the system has learned that typical traffic on a network is at a certain level at certain times. Now, if there is suddenly a significantly higher level of traffic, this would be a deviation from normal behavior and the system would detect it as an anomaly.

This could be an indication of a variety of problems, such as a technical failure or even a cyber attack. Thanks to anomaly detection, the IT team can be notified quickly and take the necessary steps to resolve the problem.

»What IT operation wouldn’t want a tool to be able to act preventively far in advance?
I am looking forward to using CuriX with us, to being able to introduce future features and to “challenging” each other on the way together.«

– Verena Muth, Head of Infrastructure Services SWICA

Use next-gen IT monitoring to your advantage

Even experienced IT administrators can quickly lose track of complex landscapes consisting of on-premise, cloud or hybrid subsystems. Keep your IT systems under control with the help of our AI-based failure and malfunction prevention. We show you how.


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