Predictive Monitoring Software

Ensuring resilience and performance of IT systems with AI-based software


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How CuriX® supports you

Effective error prediction instead of time-consuming troubleshooting.

At business

  • Reduction of system failures (and associated costs)
  • Reduction of costs for detecting and correcting errors and error sources

At application level


  • Avoidance of reputational damage due to unplanned application downtimes

At IT-Infrastructure


  • Anticipate instead of react: Precursor of processes that can be automated (predictive alerts)
  • Accelerated problem analysis/root cause analysis
  • Possibility of preventive system maintenance, predictive maintenance
  • Freeing up IT staff for value-added activities

We help you with…

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Resilience Increase

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Business Impact

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Holistic Analytics

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Alert Noise Reduction

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Resource Efficiency

Finding deviations in system behavior

With CuriX® you know if your anomaly is important or if it is part of the background noise. CuriX® tells you when the anomaly becomes critical and when the defined thresholds are exceeded. The anomaly analysis is cause-independent; i.e. the anomaly may have been caused by misconfiguration, cyber attacks or other irregularities in the IT infrastructure.

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Remain capable of action – despite complexity


With CuriX® you automate your processes – and significantly reduce the workload of your IT team. CuriX® operates on the predictive and prescriptive level and is therefore the ideal tool for operating effectively despite increasing complexity.


CuriX® is learning as it goes: Thanks to AI & Machine Learning

The longer CuriX® runs, the more intelligent it becomes. CuriX® learns independently and sets dynamic thresholds; there is no need for manual configuration. As a result, CuriX® significantly reduces the number of false alarms./p>

Create a resilient IT system

The artificial intelligence of CuriX® acts preventively against system failures, recognizes the patterns of cyber attacks or potential production problems and vulnerabilities in advance. CuriX® thus reduces application and service outages and ensures higher employee productivity and greater security for the entire IT infrastructure.

Shadow IT Detection

By reconciling data with surrounding systems, CuriX® detects shadow IT. CuriX® consolidates data silos and can be used as a bridge across them.

Increase efficiency & cost structure

Ensure more automation and factual basis for decisions

In addition to preventing downtime and downtime-related costs, the targeted use of technology has a positive impact on the overall IT budget. Automated, predictive monitoring and machine learning-driven analytics accelerate the identification of issues, increasing staff efficiency.

KPI analysis and maturity determination also provide sound information on rule compliance as well as decision-making bases for the development of the IT strategy.

Data based decision making


Predictive Monitoring

Easy integration into your system

CuriX® works everywhere. No matter which system.

CuriX® is suitable for all system landscapes – on premise, hybrid, or cloud only – and can therefore be used flexibly.
We build on your existing data lake. This can be fed by SIEM, monitoring, or other log file collection tools. It is therefore suitable both as an add-on, as well as a replacement for your monitoring tool – of course, across data silos.

Make your IT infrastructure resilient

We work together with universities and research institutes to make CuriX® even better. Be one step ahead of vulnerabilities and problems.


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