Secure IT systems, 100% Availability and maximum Performance.


Your customers expect high-performance infrastructure without errors or failures – for the lowest price. As a managed service provider or cloud provider, you want to ensure the security and performance of your service. However, or perhaps because the same tickets are constantly repeated, you hardly have time for the interesting tasks. With CuriX, we help you make your job more diverse and avoid risks and costs with a dashboard that shows you exactly what you need to know.


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Everything about your system – at a glance

Your customers’ entire infrastructure in one dashboard. No more unaccounted for devices – no more shadow IT. You can also easily give your customers an overview of the health of their system at any time through the easy-to-understand dashboard.

Do not miss anything (important)

All info from all systems in real time. But don’t worry – thanks to our built-in Alert Noise Reduction, everything is automatically classified according to criticality and combined into problem chains.

Sit back, relax and act proactively

Server or system failures? No more need for a cold sweat. We tell you everything in advance so that you can act in exactly the right places.

Spend your time doing the important things

Enough of searching for critical metrics. We’ll show you exactly what’s causing problems now or in the future, so you can spend time on more interesting tasks.

Many wishes but small budget

Do you know this too?



of companies would like to see less manual work in IT

You are CIO

“There are many and very expensive tools for cybersecurity, but we do not like to transmit relevant data over the Internet; moreover, we most often complain about system problems due to internal issues.”

You are CTO

“We have a very fragmented system landscape and also operate a shared cloud. A solution must be able to take this into account and also be developed in such a way that it can grow step by step with our customers.”


of companies consider IT to be an important factor in the success of a company

You are CISO

“Our customers DEMAND resilient systems and services from us. The effort for this is getting higher and higher. We must therefore also be able to sell it … or automate it … preferably both.”

>ou are CEO

“In order to remain competitive with my cloud services, I need to offer high standards … but at a reasonable cost. For this I need efficient and handy tools”

Secure your competitive advantage with CuriX – thanks to optimal security and performance of your systems.

Downtime? Automation? With CuriX: taken care of a long time ago.

Get the powerhouse for your IT operations


✓ Powered by Machine Learning:
Benefit from an intelligent system without needing an extra data specialist involved


✓ Create a resilient system:
We close gaps, detect leaks, and make sure they don’t happen in the first place. Secure your system from internal and external threats or costly system failures.


✓ More time for what really matters:
We automate processes that should have been done manually long ago and make IT more efficient, leaving time for the interesting things.


We help you with…

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Resilience Increase

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Business Impact

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Holistic Analytics

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Alert Noise Reduction

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Resource Efficiency

Stand out from the competition – with 100% security and performance for your customers

Discover resilient infrastructure with us.


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