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We protect your system. You protect health.


Is the protection of sensitive data your most important goal? Do both customers and authorities place high demands on the traceability and stability of your processes? Your IT landscape is heterogeneous and causes a high monitoring effort? We show you how you can address your challenges with CuriX in just one easy to use dashboard.


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Everything about your system – at a glance

Your entire infrastructure with all devices in one dashboard. No more unrecorded devices – no more shadow IT.

Simple and cost efficient

We help you solve difficult tasks – but make the operation of our software intuitive. This saves valuable time and costs.

Sit back,relax and act proactively

Server failures? No more need for a cold sweat. We tell you everything in advance so that you or your IT team can act.

No secret bush radio – 100% data secure

Your data remains with you. We treat everything from A to Z with absolute discretion and don’t send your data across the globe.

Your challenge: protecting highly sensitive data

Do you know this too?



der Unternehmen wünschen sich weniger manuelle Arbeit in der IT

You are CIO

“Resilient IT systems are a prerequisite for keeping pace with the rapid pace of digitization in the medical sector. We can afford neither data theft nor system failures.”

You are CISO

“Medical and sensitive data must also be comprehensively protected. In our very heterogeneous system landscape, “gateways” for unauthorized access are increasingly emerging. Comprehensive protection is becoming more and more difficult to implement – this is associated with a very high level of effort.”


der Unternehmen schätzen die IT als wichtigen Erfolgsfaktor eines Unternehmens ein

You are Compliance Officer

“We have to meet increasingly stringent requirements from customers and regulators; this also includes stable and provable processes in our IT. Our supply chains must also be protected and stable on the IT side.”

You are Head of Infrastructure

“My systems engineering crew is constantly overloaded. We are struggling with many “false positive” alarms and with finding out the sources of errors, barely keeping up with the issues. Medical devices and laboratory equipment are also placing an increasing “load” on our IT systems.”

Then CuriX is the ideal solution for you and your challenges in the medical industry.

Failures? Data security? With CuriX: taken care of a long time ago.

Get the powerhouse for your IT


✓ Supported by Machine Learning:
Benefit from an intelligent system without needing an extra data specialist.


✓ Create a resilient system:
We close gaps, detect leaks and make sure they don’t happen in the first place. Secure your system from internal and external threats and data theft or costly system failures.


✓ More time for the really important things:
We automate processes that should no longer be done manually and ensure a more efficient IT that has time for the important things.


✓ Risk responsibility finally solved:
Responsibilities are overviewed and gaps are detected automatically.

We help you with…

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Resilience Increase

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Business Impact

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Holistic Analytics

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Alert Noise Reduction

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Resource Efficiency

Together for more health

We ensure healthy IT systems and thus stable, high-performance operations and the greatest possible security. Let’s show you how you can implement that in your system.


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