Your IT with us: always on and compliant.


A holistic solution that simultaneously looks outward and inward across your infrastructure and predicts errors before problems or outages occur – sounds like a dream? A high-performance system is just as important to you as data privacy? With CuriX, you not only get a dashboard that shows you at a glance what is happening in your system, but you can also get to the bottom of vulnerabilities and control and document IT-related risks. Let’s show you how.


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Everything about your system – at a glance


Your entire infrastructure in one dashboard. No more unmapped devices – no more shadow IT.

Don’t miss anything (important)


All info from all systems in real time. But don’t worry – instead of a full inbox of alerts, everything is automatically classified and aggregated by criticality.

Sit back and relax and be proactive


Server downtime? No need to sweat anxiety anymore. We’ll tell you everything ahead of time so you or your IT team can act.


No secret bush radio – 100% data secure


Your data stays with you. We do not radio to the outside and treat everything from A to Z with absolute discretion.

Ever stricter compliance requirements, but IT lags behind

Do you know this too?



of companies would like to see less manual work in IT

You are CIO

“Regulatory requirements are increasing, and customers and partners also expect the highest levels of confidentiality and security from us. At the same time, as a bank, we rely on highly complex, and hyper-fast applications. Quite a balancing act.”

You are CISO

“Since we have a SOC service in place, I can sleep more peacefully. However, the attacks are becoming more and more cunning and the effort to prepare against them is slowly increasing to “immeasurable”, moreover, I almost can’t find qualified employees anymore … It’s just all manual work.”


of companies consider IT to be an important factor in the success of a company

You are CEO

“The board of directors is pushing me. They want to know what cyber risks my company is exposed to. I know we have various security tools in place, but no one can give me a holistic picture. I don’t feel comfortable reading the headlines. And our IT costs are already above average otherwise.”

You are CDO

“We must succeed in positioning ourselves as an institute in the virtual market. We will not be able to make this transition if we do not simplify and automate our systems and processes. Is it even possible to automate IT?”

Then we have the ideal solution for you and your banking challenges with CuriX.


Outages? Data security? With CuriX: already taken care of.

Get the powerhouse for your IT


✓ Powered by Machine Learning:
Benefit from an intelligent system without needing an extra data specialist to do it


✓ Create a resilient system:
We close gaps, detect leaks, and make sure they don’t happen in the first place. Secure your system from internal and external threats or costly system failures.


✓ More time for what really matters:
We automate processes that should have been done manually long ago and make IT more efficient, leaving time for the important things.


✓ Risk responsibility finally solved:
Responsibilities are overviewed and gaps are detected automatically.

We help you with…

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Resilience Increase

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Business Impact

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Holistic Analytics

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Alert Noise Reduction

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Resource Efficiency

Discover how easy compliance can be with the right IT solution.

Experience the latest generation of IT security with us.


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