The next generation of SIEM & Monitoring

Detect and fix unauthorized access and errors in your ICT system,
{ before they occur }



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What is CuriX®?

Efficient error prediction instead of
time-consuming fault diagnostics


Holistic monitoring and cyber security


With our holistic monitoring, you gain insight into the real-time data flow and security vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure. Moreover you will understand the impact of IT on business processes and services

Error analysis



Act in time instead of being too late: With CuriX®, you act before an error leads to potential system failures. CuriX® will warn you in advance and can provide instructions for troubleshooting




CuriX® is continuously learning – the longer it runs in your system, the smarter it gets. Driven by artificial intelligence, CuriX® can reduce the number of false alarms significantly

CuriX® the prevention tool of the future!

We help you with artificial intelligence







From major system outages, cyber-attacks and security vulnerabilities to everyday office problems, CuriX® uses artificial intelligence to help prevent them before they even happen.

In addition, CuriX® helps you reveil shadow IT and duplicate monitoring. It enables higher productivity and increased security for the entire IT infrastructure.

CuriX® is your choice for:

risk minimization, resource optimization



{ cost reduction }


In addition to eliminating downtime costs, the target-oriented use of technology has a positive impact on the overall IT budget – instead of dozens of monitoring systems, you only need CuriX®!

{ resource optimization}


Automated, predictive monitoring and machine learning-driven analytics accelerate discovery of issues and increase IT staff efficiency

{ risk minimization }


CuriX® minimizes the risk of failure in your ICT infrastructure – and maximize security. To reach this, CuriX® proactively identifies vulnerabilities, predicts threats, and detects irregularities as well as anomalies in operational ICT.

{ Compliance }


CuriX® provides compliance information and decision-making bases for the development and strategy of IT companies through KPI analysis and maturity assessment

How does CuriX® work?

Proactive instead of reactive:
Targeted predictions of system-critical states




Data Collection

In the learning phase CuriX® collects data from the your system under normal conditions to define that as a baseline


Anomaly Detection

CuriX® continuously anticipates the severity of deviations and by that learn how relevant anomalies are for the overall system.


Failure Prediction

Based on automated anomaly detection and correlation, CuriX® reports errors and their localization before critical system conditions lead to system failures


Fault Correction

In the full expansion status, CuriX® will also be able to independently correct errors in your system automatically

What does CuriX® help you with?

With only one software to the IT of the future




{ Security Monitoring

CuriX® employs a modern guard dog approach

{ Incident Response

We enable manual, semi-automated and fully automated responses to incidents

{ Advanced Threat Detection

We close the gap to detect “The unknown Unknowns”

{ Vermeidung von Schatten-IT

By merging different data sources, CuriX® detects inconsistencies in your monitoring


{ Application Monitoring

Our holistic approach enables monitoring of applications, hardware, virtualized systems and cloud infrastructure

{ Predictive Analytics

State-of-the-art algorithms allow short-, medium- and long-term predictions about valuation metrics of your ICT infrastructure

{ Event Management

CuriX® has a variety of connectors to surrounding systems for seamless integration into your event management

{ Visual Impact Analysis

CuriX® provides you with 3D visualization for focussed analysis of impacts

{ Workflow Optimization

By identifying redundancies, CuriX® shows where duplicate monitoring is taking place unnecessarily and enables the optimization of data acquisition and analysis

Where does CuriX® work?

Absolutely flexible IT monitoring and fault prediction
for all systems




No matter how big your existing IT system is: we will find a suitable solution for you

As an add-on
or standalone

Whether as an add-on to an existing monitoring environment or as a standalone solution, CuriX® optimizes your system

As a cloud solution

Use CuriX® in the cloud, which means you do not need any additional infrastructure for the software

How will CuriX® be further developed?

Because cybercrime is getting smarter, cybersecurity must be on step ahead



Together with our research partners at universities, we are constantly developing CuriX® further.

Our vision is to develop a self-healing self-sufficient IT system that reacts autonomously to anomalies and thus prevents system failures and security breaches on its own.

CuriX® Health-Check

How secure is your ICT system from cyberattacks? We uncover your security gaps in 5 steps



Interviews & Risk Assessments

Based on a standardized catalog of questions, we work together to determine how your ICT system functions

Cybersecurity & Operations Risk Identification

We analyze your IT system for potential risks and vulnerabilities that could lead to a cyber attack

Catalog of Measures and Action Plan

Together with you, we develop a catalog of measures and an action plan to make your ICT system fit for the future

Management Presentation

We present you the results and derived measures on management level

Proactive Monitoring

We provide you with organizational and technical support to operate your ICT system reliably and sustainably

With over 25 years of experience in the analysis, consulting, development, operation and automation of ICT solutions, we are the first point of contact when it comes to cyber security.

With our health check, you get a detailed insight into the strengths and weaknesses as well as the security of your IT system


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