Master the complexity of IT by predictively recommending solutions. Powered by AI.


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SWICA is one of the leading health and accident insurers in Switzerland. With CuriX, we help their IT to reduce alarms, make resources easier to plan and reduce complexity.

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NextGen AIOps for your IT

Efficient error prediction instead of
time-consuming troubleshooting


Holistic monitoring and cyber security

Thanks to our holistic monitoring, you not only gain insight into the real-time data and security vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure, but also into the impact of IT on business processes and services.

Proactive analysis and prevention of errors

Act early instead of reacting: With CuriX®you act before the error leads to system failures. We warn you at an early stage and help you to remedy the error.

Powered by AI

CuriX® learns with you – the longer it runs in your system, the smarter it becomes thanks to artificial intelligence. As a result, it can gradually reduce the number of false alarms significantly.

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Strong partnerships

NextGen meets NextGen


What problems does CuriX® prevent?

We’ve got your back with artificial intelligence






From major system failures, cyber attacks and security breaches to everyday office problems, CuriX® helps prevent them before they even occur thanks to artificial intelligence.

In addition, CuriX® helps you prevent shadow IT and duplicate monitoring. For higher productivity and more security for the entire IT infrastructure.

Why CuriX®?

Minimise risks, optimise resources


Reduce costs and the time needed to analyse and resolve incidents by 70% – 90%!

Prevent operational failures and reputational damage.

Resource Optimization

Automated, predictive monitoring
Monitoring and machine learning-driven analytics accelerate problem identification and increase the efficiency of your IT staff.

Risk Minimizing

By proactively identifying vulnerabilities and predicting threats, detecting irregularities and anomalies in IT operations, we minimise the risk of your IT infrastructure failing – and maximise security.


The CuriX® KPI analysis and maturity assessment provide well-founded information on compliance as well as a basis for decision-making for the development and strategy of your IT companies.

What added value does CuriX®offer?

Increase the resilience of your IT


IT Security

Safety monitoring

Everything that is not recognized is identified as a danger

Incident response

We enable manual, semi-automated and fully automated incident response

Advanced threat detection

We detect “the unknown unknowns” – even previously unknown patterns

Prevention of shadow IT

By correlating different data sources, CuriX® detects inconsistencies in your surveillance

IT Reliability

Application monitoring

Our holistic approach enables monitoring of applications, hardware, virtualized hardware and cloud infrastructures

Predictive analysis

State-of-the-art algorithms allow short-, medium- and long-term predictions of valuation metrics of your IT infrastructure

Event Management

CuriX® has a variety of interfaces to surrounding systems for seamless integration into your event management

Visual impact analysis

CuriX® provides you with a web-based portal for goal-oriented impact analysis

Work Process Optimization

By finding redundancies, CuriX® shows across all areas where unnecessary duplicate monitoring is taking place and enables the optimization of data collection and analysis (merging of “data silos”)

Set up CuriX® in your system

Absolutely flexible IT monitoring and fault prediction
for all systems



With integrated log file and event management tool


As an analysis tool based on your existing system landscape (SIEM, log file management, monitoring)

How is CuriX® being further developed?

Because cybercrime is getting smarter, cybersecurity must also become smarter.

Together with our research partners at universities, we are constantly developing our software.

Our vision is to develop a self-healing solution for your IT that reacts autonomously to anomalies and prevents system failures and security breaches.

The EU is already relying on our technology in the Safety4Rails project as part of the Horizon 2020 research series, in order to create a safe and sustainable infrastructure for rail transport throughout Europe. Learn more about the project in this video:


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