AIOps for business-relevant IT-Observability

Increase the efficiency and business relevance of your IT with our agnostic AIOps platform CuriX. Swiss-made and cross-silo, for data-driven decisions.


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Transform your IT

Monitoring that understands your business

Leave the days of complex, isolated monitoring tools behind. With CuriX you get a user-friendly, holistic solution that brings IT and business together.

✓ Look behind the data
Get more than just numbers and graphs; understand the impact of IT on your business.

✓ Decision-making with foresight
Use our AI-driven insights to make informed, business-relevant decisions.

✓ Context where it’s needed
Link IT metrics to the business for a holistic view of your organisation.

Increase efficiency

Optimise the performance of your IT

Less downtime, less overtime and definitely less stress.
CuriX helps you reduce costs while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Cost savings

lower MTTR

fewer escalations

TCO savings


The CuriX Toolkit

✓ Health Score
With the CuriX Health Score, you always keep an eye on the health of your IT systems, so that you immediately recognise where action is required.

✓ Resilience Issues
Our AI-driven insights provide you with a context-rich & business-relevant overview for informed, business-relevant decisions.

✓ Holistic Monitoring
The 360° view of your IT infrastructure and applications that prevents blind spots and enables early reaction.

✓ Anomaly Detection
CuriX provides several anomaly detectors for the early identification of unexpected patterns in your data – including those based on neural networks.


All Functions

»With CuriX, we expect to considerably reduce the costs for ITSM in the future by increasing efficiency – thanks to a significant gain in stability for our infrastructure.«

Verena Muth
Head of Infrastructure Services, SWICA

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Cross-silo data intelligence

CuriX combines diverse data sources such as APM, monitoring and business KPIs in one dashboard and refines them through AIOps functionalities into a business-relevant, contextualised view of your IT landscape.

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Roles & Industries

One Dashboard for All


CuriX for C-Suite

With CuriX, you transform IT data into business-relevant insights to make informed, forward-looking decisions.

CuriX for ITOps Professionals

Proactively optimise your systems, reduce complexity and respond efficiently to challenges before they become problems.

CuriX for MSPs & Cloud-Provider

Increase service quality, anticipate customer needs and maximise efficiency through automated and business-relevant IT insights.

Turn IT’s business relevance into your competitive advantage

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Use Cases

Monitoring that knows your business

CuriX transforms your IT data into business-relevant insights with intuitive, agnostic and fully automated tools. Discover the CuriX Use Cases!

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Impact of IT on the business

Understand how IT performance impacts your business and make data-driven decisions.

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Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Optimise IT resources and reduce costs through intelligent data analysis.

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Avoidance of failures

Early anomaly detection prevents failures and secures operation.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation

Accelerate digital transformation through holistic IT monitoring.

Choose the future of monitoring